Winter Storm crisis for Elderly Home Health Care clients

Winter Storm crisis for Elderly

Corporate social responsibility is essential to a company’s DNA, especially in times of crisis. Care Mountain and its staff of home healthcare workers rose to the occasion during the recent winter storm in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas, TX, had a severe ice storm from Jan 31st to Feb 6th, 2023. It was a bitterly cold morning in Dallas when the ice storm hit. The temperatures had dropped into single digits below freezing overnight, and the rain had turned to sleet, leaving a treacherous layer of ice on the streets and sidewalks. For most people, it was an inconvenience. However, such winter storm poses a hazard for the elderly. Many could not leave their homes, and icy conditions make it difficult for them to get daily supplies or medical care.

Care Mountain, a local Live in Caregiver company specializing in home health care services for seniors, sprang into action. Care Mountain’s office staff preemptively called each client to ensure they were safe and had enough food, water, and medical supplies. The office team assembled a group of volunteers willing to brave the icy roads to check on seniors in their homes. For those clients who needed help, Care Mountain arranged for emergency deliveries of food and supplies. Their team of caregivers, led by their CEO, worked around the clock to ensure their elderly clients were safe, warm, and comfortable. Care Mountain staff knew that many elderly residents would be isolated and unable to leave their homes due to dangerous road conditions. The Care Mountain team decided to step up and help wherever possible. The Care Mountain staff also knew that many seniors would be without power or heating, so they began by delivering blankets, and hot meals to their home healthcare clients. They started by calling and reaching out to their clients to ensure they were safe and had enough food, water, and medication. Care Mountain staff did not stop there; As part of the community outreach, they also contacted other seniors in the community where they had clients who might need access to their services. Care mountain staff delivered meals and supplies to those in need and offered transportation to those that needed help.

One couple in East Dallas, husband and wife, both have dementia of differing progression levels and need specialized in-home care for 12 hours every day. They live together by themselves, and their two daughters live out of town (one in California and one in New York) during the winter storm. Care Mountain had to take complete end-to-end care of them for seven days during the storm; this service by Care Mountain was above and beyond their regular care plan. Since both husband and wife were having a challenging time and were suffering aggressive symptoms, preventing them from going out to a grocery store/mall/doctor visit, Care Mountain assigned two caregivers (instead of 1 shared one) for the entire week for them.

In another example, a couple based in McKinney that are Care Mountain clients needed help – The wife (90 years old) suffers from Dementia and Parkinson’s and has zero mobility (is a fall risk). The husband (92 years old) has mild memory loss and needs is on a post Stroke home care clan for an Ischemic stroke; hence he is also limited in his mobility. The adult children of this couple are scattered across the Dallas Metroplex, so incredibly challenging for them to provide care over the weekend due to the winter storm. Owners of Care Mountain, along with a weekday Live-in Caregiver who stayed back an extra 3.5 days beyond her regular shift, had to provide continuous care for this elderly couple with advanced medical issues without missing a single shift and ensuring continual coverage during this critical time.

Customer Feedback of Care Mountain Services during the winter storm of 2023.

One of Care Mountain’s clients was particularly grateful for their help. She called and thanked the Care Mountain staff. She lives alone and was afraid to venture outside in the icy conditions. Thanks to Care Mountain and the volunteers, she could stay warm, eat hot meals, and receive her medication refill without leaving home.
Another Care Mountain client was particularly grateful for the help. She felt ill during the ice storm and had no family nearby to check on her. The Care Mountain team ensured they helped her with her doctor’s appointment, and ensured she had everything she needed to be delivered to her doorstep, including medication and hot meals.

A third client had mobility issues and could not leave his home to buy groceries. So, care Mountain arranged for a volunteer to go to the store and purchase his essentials, bringing them back to his house and even helping to put them away.

Thanks to Care Mountain’s efforts, many of the city’s elderly residents were able to weather the storm safely. The company’s dedication to serving its clients and the community is a testament to the power of compassion and the importance of coming together in times of crisis.

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Winter Storm crisis for Elderly Home Health Care clients