Live In Home Care

Live-in care means having a fully trained caregiver living with in your home to deliver all care needs:

  • The caregiver will help with all key activities of daily living like washing, dressing, medication, meal prep, helping with errands (like going to the grocery store, picking up a prescription, going to a hair salon), gardening and pet care.
  • Perhaps most importantly a live-in caregiver provides physical and emotional support that enables you to remain in your own home, in familiar surroundings and continue your lifestyle while staying healthy, without moving to a assisted facility or memory care unit.

Quite simply, live in care helps elderly people remain independent, in their own home, with all the security of professional help close at hand 24/7. Most people who have experienced quality live-in care will describe it as the support they need to live and age in place, how they want to, every day. That means going to bed and getting up when you want, eating what you want, when you want – even the simple pleasure of choosing what to wear. A live in care model can be a life-enhancing alternative to a assisted living facility, a memory care unit or a skilled nursing facility, whereby you can receive dedicated one-to-one support and help from a trained and experienced caregiver – live-in care is one on one elderly care at its best.
Over fifteen years, we have helped many clients with the right live-in caregivers – every client is different and every caregiver is different. It takes a deep understanding, part art and part science, to help find the perfect match and deliver a smooth and sustainable live in care experience. We have successfully provided Live In home care and 24 hour home care at very good rates for many types of home health care needs, including Alzheimer’s home care, home care for dementia, and many other health conditions.
Live In care provides a more affordable alternative for situations in which someone needs care on premises 24 hours a day. Care Mountain will normally work a seven day a week Live in caregiver schedule with with two people, with one doing four days and the other doing three days out of the week. The client pays a daily rate which is much lower than if they were paying hourly for shift based caregivers throughout the day.
24 hour care can be delivered as hourly shift work or as Live-In care – As shift work, caregivers typically work in 12 hour shifts covering the client’s desired time frames.

  • As Live-In work, caregivers stay from one to seven days weekly while getting adequate sleep time on premises (can be woken if needed).
  • Seven day weekly Live-Ins typically involve the same two caregivers with one working four days weekly and the other three days weekly. Both caregivers typically have their own home they stay at for their days off.
  • Live In care versus 24 hour shift work: We have found that live -in tends to work in about 70-75% of the cases we encounter. Those situations that involve a temporary fragile medical situation, or the last few weeks of life need shift based 24 hour care instead of Live In care.

Types of activities a live-in caregiver can support you on:

The Live In care giver can do a wide variety of tasks such as

  • Assisting with cooking, lite household chores,
  • Dressing, bathing, personal hygiene,
  • Transportation, shopping, grocery trips, doctor visits
  • Self-administration of medications
  • Ambulation, safe transfers, manage fall risk, and much, much more.

Personalized approach to live in care:

In all our years in business we have never had two Live In care clients whose needs were the same, so we expect each case to be a very customized and unique one.
For example, when we care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease on a Live In basis the family at times is concerned that a Live In may not work out because their loved one often gets up at all hours of the night. While this can be an immediate issue with a Live In because they do need adequate sleep, we have normally found it not an issue going forward. With our many years of experience we are able to find out what is triggering the up at all hours of the night behavior, and remove or manage those triggers in a way that eliminates or minimizes this behavior, so that it is not an issue for the Live In caregiver.

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