Our pricing philosophy

pricing philosophy:

  • We offer competitive rates for quality care. We are not the cheapest and are OK with that.
  • We deliver best balance of quality vs cost by keeping overheads low being a local, family run business. We thus pass savings to clients without compromising quality.
  • Our caregivers are very experienced. We invest in the best and pay well.
    We encourage all prospective clients to ask companies “what do you pay your caregiver?”  The answer will provide you volumes of insights on the quality of  caregiver and hence your likely satisfaction level.

We DO NOT accept Medicare and Medicaid payments.

2-5 hour Caregiver shifts

34-38 $ Per Hour
  • For 2-5 hour

6-12 hour Caregiver shifts

28-34 $ Per Hour
  • 25 Hour Weekly Minimum
  • For 6-12 hour

24 hour live-in care

18-22 $ Per Hour
  • 24/77 Live in Care

Skilled Nursing, Infusion Therapy

125 - 175 $ Per Visit
  • Depending on location, skill, frequency

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy

125 - 199 $ Per Visit
  • Depending on location, frequency, type of therapy skill

pricing key considerations:

  • Location, Weekly hours, Schedule:
     The longer the shift and the weekly schedule, the lower the price. Weekday vs. Weekend, Day vs. Night are factors.
  • Specialization and Skill levels:
    Our price varies based on skill level of caregiver needed (e.g. mobility, expertise in Dementia, Rehab)
  • Specific Caregiver who fits perfectly
    Based on client location, shift schedule and skill needs.  We do not start delivering care till we are comfortable we have the right person staffed to provide quality and continuity of care.