If Using A Home Health Agency For In-Home Care or Home Health Care In the Fort Worth – Dallas, TX Metro Area, Know When It Is Time To Find Another Home Health Agency

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If you are using a home health agency for in-home care or home health care in the Fort Worth – Dallas, TX metro area an experiencing any of the following, then it is probably time to find another home health care agency. Care Mountain is a in-home care health agency and home health care agency serving the Dallas – Forth Worth, Texas area for 14+ years, and from this experience we share this helpful information.

Over the years we have had 1,000+ families switch over to Care Mountain from other in home care agencies, and for some it was an easy decision, but for others it was not. The families having the hardest time making the decision were mainly the ones who had one good caregiver on the team they didn’t want to lose, and/or were relying on seemingly convincing promises that things were going to change and/or the uncertainty of the unknown in making change increased stress levels at a time they were least able to handle added stress.

If you have a good caregiver on a poor team, then most often that caregiver can transfer over to your new agency with little to no issue, so this is probably not a good reason to stay with a disappointing company. If you are relying on promises of things getting better and/or on avoiding possible stress related to any uncertainty with the change, then if you are incurring any of the following it is not likely things will get much better, and any added stress will likely be much greater by staying then in facing any uncertainty with a change in agencies.

High caregiver turnover is one of the most common reasons people switch to a new in-home care agency in the Dallas, TX area. Turning a weekday caregiver over more than once a year or more than every ten months for weekend work is probably excessive. The most common reasons for turnover are below average pay as a caregiver and/or a caregiver without a proven passion for this line of work Caregiver pay rates vary significantly across home health agencies, with the lowest caregiver turnover at those agencies paying the best and having steady work for the caregiver. Call some of these larger in-home care agencies to learn more about how much an in-home care for elderly caregiver is paid in the Dallas & Fort Worth Metroplex and how much caregiver turnover is experienced at those rates:  Home Instead, Professional Caretakers, Senior Helpers, Right at Home, Visiting Angels, Always Best Care Senior Services Brightstar Home Care , Synergy Home Care and ComForCare.

Caregiver reliability is the second most common reason families change home health care agencies in the Fort Worth – Dallas, TX area. Doesn’t do much good to have a likable and qualified caregiver if they miss a lot of work and an unfamiliar caregiver replacement is sent in. If your caregiver is asking off or missing more than one assigned work schedule in a six month period, then there is likely a reliability issue. Agencies that try convince you otherwise, likely have a low standard of reliability, meaning a caregiver replacement is likely not going to make a difference – you need a new agency.

If on the rare occasion your normally scheduled caregiver is unable to make it and the agency is unable to replace him/her for your scheduled shift, and/or the replacement caregiver seems unqualified or passionate, then these are significant signs that your agency has very little depth to their caregiver pool. Counting on your normal caregiver not missing work to avoid this issue is not a good plan, because lack of depth in a caregiver pool is usually correlated with higher caregiver turnover, so chances are your normal caregiver is not going to stick around very long.

When an agency is asking or trying to get you to make unsolicited changes in your care plan, be wary. This may indicate they have put their own interests ahead of yours at your expense. Unsolicited schedule changes and excuses are a common red flag in this area. If any agency lacks depth and stability in their caregiver pool, they may try to convince you of a different schedule that best accommodates their existing caregiver ability and not your best needs.

Change of agency ownership is increasingly a reason families are switching agencies. Often times we see the agency founder sell to a new operator that is far less experienced and passionate about the business, which is quickly reflected in quality of care.

If you a continuously having misunderstandings with your agency, then chances are communication is an issue. This can be for many reasons, one which may be despite everyone’s best intentions and effort it is just not a good fit working relationship. Effective communication is critical, and any lack thereof is time to switch agencies.

Finally, it is a good idea to periodically check the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commission website to see the recent complaint and inspection history of your agency. If you start to see complaints or poor inspections appearing for your home health agency, then it is probably just short period of time before you will be seeing why. This website is a good proactive source of information indicating a change is advisable before something unfortunate happens.

Care Mountain in-home care and home health care has assisted 2,800+ Dallas – Fort Worth area elderly over the last 14+ years without a single State complaint and a zero deficiency re-licensure survey. A level of quality very few other local home health agencies can claim. Feel free to call Care Mountain at 972-266-8978 or 817-601-5033, you won’t be disappointed!

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If Using A Home Health Agency For In-Home Care or Home Health Care In the Fort Worth – Dallas, TX Metro Area, Know When It Is Time To Find Another Home Health Agency