Parkinson’s is one of the most complex conditions requiring in-home care. Due to the physically degenerative aspect of the disease, patients with Parkinson’s retain their mental acuity and emotional sense while losing physical control of their bodies. This means that an in-home care plan must be well thought out to balance and address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of this condition’s progressive nature. 

Configuring a personalized and effective care plan for your loved one with Parkinson’s can be broken down into 3 central ideas:

  1. Become thoroughly familiar with the 4 symptoms and stages of Parkinson’s
  2. Understand 3 key complexities of this condition:
    1. Physical repercussions
    2. Benefit of 1-1 in-home care
    3. Related comorbidities requiring nuanced planning
  3. Engage with experienced companies and caregivers with the expertise to take you beyond basic checklists to pre-emptive, personalized, and quality care solutions to ensure your loved one’s safety 
Symptoms & Stages of Parkinson’s

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Comorbidities with Parkinson’s and their Impact

Parkinson’s commonly presents with comorbidities such as diabetes or dementia thus multiplying the key aspects and cadence of care. For example, 

The Importance of Personalization and Experience in Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s care is commonly approached with a simple checklist of easy-to-follow Do’s and Don’ts for safety, diet and medication routines, to name a few. While these are definitely helpful, a checklist does not do justice to the level of personalization needed in caring for a person living with Parkinson’s given the breadth, complexity and co-morbidity of managing this condition – and that is precisely why the experience and expertise of your care providers matters a whole lot. 

Approaching Parkinson’s Care – Do’s and Don’ts 

Parkinson’s is challenging to manage and affects the patient and their family on many levels. The most important Do’s and Don’ts come down to the caregiving process. 

Practical Do’s and Don’ts

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Parkinson’s impacts the physical, mental, and social abilities of your loved ones. Parkinson’s home care by an experienced caregiver is an effective approach for a Parkinson’s patient. The life of your loved one and your family is significantly altered by this disease – a steady, knowledgeable caregiver can help mitigate stress, and provide quality and dignified care. A well prepared and aligned team of family members and professional caregivers will significantly ease their lives with reliable in-home care. At Care Mountain, we have been providing in-home care for Parkinson’s patients for one and a half decades with our proven and personalized approach. We have highly experienced caregivers available to support you and your loved ones’ care.  Give us a call to discuss your needs.

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Parkinson’s In-Home Care: The Key Do’s and Don’ts for your Loved One’s Care