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Only 1 in 800 applicants gets selected through our rigorous caregiver selection process Our caregiver attrition is 4% – in an industry that sees 80% or higher attrition

At Care Mountain, we take pride in working with and retaining high quality experienced caregivers. Our caregivers are carefully selected and are simply the best – there are 5 main reasons for this:
  • Our rigorous process is designed toselect only caregivers for whom home care is a long-term calling in life.
  • We are very selective about our caregivers. Only about 1 in 800 applicants successfully get an offerfrom us. As a company policy, we do not hire rookie caregivers. We run national, not state level background checks.
  • We pay caregivers well – Our caregivers deliver care to our client (the moment of truth!) and hence are our true brand ambassadors. We therefore invest in what’s most important (i.e. top quality caregivers) and keep other overheads low (e.g. marketing, admin, corporate).
  • Our caregivers carry significant experience ranging from 10-25 years. Over time, they have specialized in areas like Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Rehab to home transition, and post-surgical or post hospitalization recovery care needs.
  • Our caregivers have not learnt only via academic certifications, but with decades of hands-on experience in areas like Dementia, they have seen many different situations and progressions of disease – they apply these cumulative experiences to provide superior support to our clients.

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