As people age, their health changes, and declines in different ways. For an aging couple, one partner living with chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, respiratory disease, orthopedic issues, or limited mobility (utilizing a walker or wheelchair) is possible to navigate independently. When you factor in a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia in the other partner, a couple’s ability to manage safely and comfortably on their own becomes increasingly difficult.  

Live-in care is ideal in these situations due to the 24/7 support they can receive in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home. In-home care also provides the couple an opportunity to maintain a mostly independent lifestyle with the support of an experienced caregiver who is qualified to support both members of the couple with their specific health conditions. Most importantly, the couple can stay together and continue to enjoy their daily lives with one another. 

Structuring Live-in Care for Couples

Live-in care for couples is structured and organized to help maintain their safety, well-being, and independence in the comfort of their home. 

Live-in caregivers can help prepare the home to make it a safe space. For the member of the couple with Dementia, this may look like removing objects like rugs, small pieces of furniture, and any cords or cables to reduce fall risk. For the partner in a wheelchair or walker, this might mean rearranging the room so that they have greater accessibility to their living space and can manage to get around their home with ease. 

Live-in caregivers also help with a variety of daily tasks. From helping the couple with dressing, bathing, and personal hygiene (if/ when needed) to ensure that there are healthy groceries, and diet-specific meals prepared. For example, if the partner with diabetes requires a special diet – the caregiver can both organize groceries and prepare that meal to ensure that their blood sugars stay stable. For the partner with dementia, the caregiver can assist them with eating if needed, and cook meals per the doctor’s advice. Light housekeeping is also maintained to help keep the home tidy and clean. 

Beyond these daily activities, live-in caregivers are also qualified to oversee any medical or health-related needs. They can supervise the self-administration of medications and ensure that the proper dosage is being taken at the right times. Live-in caregivers can also help organize filling prescriptions, coordinating non-emergency ambulatory travel to medical appointments, accompanying your loved one to doctor’s visits, as well as utilizing medical equipment like hospital beds or a Hoyer lift in the home, if needed. 

Caring for 2 individuals simultaneously might seem like a lot, but don’t forget that live-in caregivers are experienced professionals who are comfortable treating a variety of conditions at the same time. They provide a tremendous amount of support in the comfort of the couple’s home. The couple can maintain their agency at home whilst family members are reassured of their safety and well-being. 

Coverage & Budget

Live-in care is a system of 24-hour continuous coverage. At Care Mountain, live-in caregivers are thoroughly vetted and interviewed for their ability to commit to this role. This process ensures that the team of caregivers assigned to your loved ones are consistent and committed to a series of continuous shifts that affords comfort and familiarity for the couple receiving live-in care. 

Communication is essential in this process and the administrative team at Care Mountain ensures that the live-in caregivers are organized in their schedules and responsibilities. 

Budget-wise, live-in care for a couple is more economical and less expensive than staying in an assisted living facility. The type of personalized and around-the-clock care they will receive along with support both inside and outside the home would be an added expense in a nursing home. However, receiving this level of care within the comfort of their own home, along with the flexibility to maintain their own schedule and the ability to stay together is far more affordable with live-in care. 


Aging is a challenging process and with a growing population of seniors in the US, more and more families will have to navigate these scenarios with their loved ones. Along with the usual health conditions that are common with aging, Alzheimer’s and Dementia diagnosis add a level of care and support. With over 16 years of experience providing live-in and in-home care to families across Dallas and Ft. Worth and ranging from Arlington, South Lake, Preston Hollow, Highland Park, Plano, McKinney, and Friso – Care Mountain is well-versed in understanding the nuances and specifics of every family needing caregivers to support their loved ones. Contact us today to help with your caregiving needs. Help your loved ones enjoy their years together in the comfort of their home while knowing that they are safe and well cared for. 

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Live-in Care for Couples