What is In-Home Care? A Guide for Fort Worth, TX Residents

What is In-Home Care? A Guide for Fort Worth, TX Residents If you or an aging loved one is facing challenges with day-to-day life at home, you may be wondering what your options are for care. One senior care option that is becoming increasingly popular amongst families is in-home care, a service that provides support […]

Managing Diet & Dementia – Useful Tips

Introduction   Dementia affects individuals on many levels. Memory loss, confusion, reduced coordination, and fatigue are  the more common symptoms. One change that is equally important but sometimes hidden and hence not discussed as frequently is diet. Diet plays a big role in impacting the health and lifestyle of those living with dementia. In this […]

Post Stroke In-home Care – A Guide to Best Practices to Set This Up Correctly

Facts & Figures   A stroke is an event that causes a disruption of either blood flow or oxygen supply to the brain. Strokes range from mild to severe, and impact a person’s neurological, speech, and physical abilities in this range of mild to severe impact.    In 2022, the CDC predicts that 800,000 Americans […]

Prepping for Winter: Seniors Seasonal Care Needs

The winter months from November to February are a tricky time of year for seniors. Navigating shorter days, colder temperatures, and gray skies takes a toll on many.    Seasonal depression, health risks, and inclement weather all play a huge role in impacting and affecting mood and lifestyle during these months. This article reviews the […]

Fall Risk Among Seniors – A MAJOR Problem

According to a recent CDC report, “one out of four older adults will fall each year…making falls a public health concern, particularly among the aging population.”  Every year, millions of American seniors aged 65+ suffer from falls that cause severe injuries. Falls also increase the frequency of emergency room visits, impacting the healthcare system. Bone […]

Couples Care and Shared Caregiving: A Practical Guide

Couples Care and Shared Caregiving Couples Care, also called shared Caregiving is a situation where an elderly couple that are living together in their home, both require 24/7 care coverage for different care needs. The conditions for Couples Care do not have to be the same between both individuals, and a single caregiver or team […]

Winter Storm crisis for Elderly Home Health Care clients

Corporate social responsibility is essential to a company’s DNA, especially in times of crisis. Care Mountain and its staff of home healthcare workers rose to the occasion during the recent winter storm in Dallas, Texas. Dallas, TX, had a severe ice storm from Jan 31st to Feb 6th, 2023. It was a bitterly cold morning […]

Dementia In-Home Care – Live-in vs Hourly Caregiver Models

Making decisions for a family member with Dementia can be incredibly difficult. A variety of factors from identifying the stage of Dementia to logistics and affordability need to be taken into consideration. The most challenging aspect can be trying to balance your personal and professional responsibilities whilst supporting the ever-changing needs of your loved-one. This […]

Caring For a Loved One with Parkinson’s At Home – Tips For Long-Term Success!

In the United States, there are approximately a million people that suffer from Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is a Degenerative Neurological disorder that progresses over time – from mild to late stages, this disease causes increased symptoms and difficulties not only for the patient, but also for family members.  Caring for someone with Parkinson’s is not easy. […]

Dementia – How do I help my parent who refuses support?

One of the most challenging tasks in taking care of a parent with Dementia is to convince them that they need home care. This makes it difficult for you as a son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law to support them the way it is required. According to a study at Penn State University, around 70% of families […]