Over the last 31+ years providing in home care, I have noticed some common characteristics of those families that tended to get the best results from their usage of in home care in Dallas, TX area, and with in home care in McKinney, TX area.  These characteristics fell into several areas, but in this article I focus on the areas of how they chose their home health care agency, and their level and type of involvement as service was being received.

Nowadays the typical process in choosing a Dallas area home care agency involves calling around and selecting two or three agencies to interview in person, and then deciding on the best choice.  The families getting the best results in this process relied less on on-line reviews of an agency and what was presented in this interview, but instead relied more heavily on in-depth due diligence done on the caregiver the agency was going to send into their home.  About half of our new business comes from home care agencies that get fired, so we here so many unfortunate stories. The most common is how they loved the representative from the agency who told them everything they wanted to hear and their on-line reviews seemed really good, but the caregiver(s) sent never lived up to expectations.

Those of us that have been providing home health care services for over 10 years in the Dallas, TX area know which home care agencies have the worst reputations.  Unfortunately, many of these poor performing agencies have many five star reviews on-line. I have found since most on-line home care agency reviews are not from truly verified clients, many of these reviews tend to not be legitimate and not trustworthy.  Reviews from truly verified Dallas area home care clients and a home care agencies State complaint history tend to be the more reliable sources of an agency’s quality.

No matter how much you love what you hear from the agency representative you interview, just keep in mind that he/she will have a lot less impact on the outcome of your service than the caregiver they send into your home.  This is why Care Mountain home health care has each client conduct their own in-depth interview of any prospective caregiver considered.  Care Mountain has a ZERO State complaint history for in home care as assurance that our caregivers are of the highest quality, but an interview is still needed to determine fit criteria such as personality.

When I am interviewing with prospective clients for our agency,  I am asked so many good questions.  But, the one question I rarely get asked that is a critical determinant of caregiver quality and resultant outcomes is “How much do you pay the caregivers?”.  Caregiver pay is one of the strongest correlating factors to the level of reliable quality you can expect.  Care Mountain is one of the top payers for caregivers, and as a result we have one of the lowest caregiver turnover rates and one of the highest home health care quality rankings in Texas.  About 76% of what we charge a client goes to the caregiver, while many other agencies give their caregivers less than half of what they charge.

As far as the level and type of family involvement that gets the best income.  Those families who are active participants in their home care, versus passive recipients, tend to by far get the best results.

Besides Care Mountain home health care, other local Dallas Fort Worth companies that can be a good source of knowledge on other factors important in choosing Dallas area in home care are Dallas Area Agency on Aging, Area Agency on Aging Tarrant County, Baylor Senior Care and the Baylor Geriatrics Center.


Top Things Dallas & McKinney, Texas Area Families Can Do To Ensure Best In Home Care Results

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Are Particular About Who Comes Into Their Home- In addition to a high quality, experienced caregiver with a professional appearance and NO criminal record, we know you have many more expectations of the caregiver you desire for your Loved One. We excel at meeting your expectations.

Requires an Established, High Quality Home Health Care Agency with an Impeccable Client Safety Record - With a ZERO state complaint history, we are one of the best senior care providers in your area. This means we have not materially compromised the safety of any client. Very few DFW home care agencies with 13+ years in business can make this claim. Our caregivers received The Outstanding Caregiver Of The Year Award in multiple recent years, which is a high quality, coveted achievement award from the Alzheimer’s Association.

Wants To Remain as Independent & Safe as Possible -We have 31+ years of experience helping elderly loved one's to safely help themselves as much as they choose. This requires staff that excels at great care planing and case management. Over the years, we have also saved families money by eliminating and avoiding unneeded services.

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