Care Mountain is a Dallas, TX area licensed in home care agency whose caregivers have been awarded in multiple years for providing some of the best in home care for dementia in the Dallas, TX area by the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Dallas Chapter. With home health care management experience dating back to 1986, we wanted to share from this some important things we learned in choosing the best caregiver to care at home for someone with dementia/Alzheimer’s disease.

The best predictors we found for caregiver success with dementia/Alzheimer’s in home care in the Dallas, TX area involved caregiver experience, passion and personality.  Caregiver success with dementia/Alzheimer’s care requires a skill set uniquely different than other types of care giving situations.  You will want to see care giving experience in all stages of the type of dementia at hand, because skill set requirements do vary by stage.  It is equally important to understand the depth of the caregiver’s dementia experience and have it be in a setting similar to yours.  For example, someone who’s dementia care giving experience has primarily been in a nursing home focused on quick “in and out” tasks will not be as applicable to a situation where they are caring for the same person for many hours and days at a time.

While the quality and depth of past experience will give you an idea of the caregiver’s skill set, a gauge of their current passion and attitude toward dementia/Alzheimer’s care giving needs to be understand as a future predictor of success.  We have come across many caregivers with lengthy quality experience with dementia/Alzheimer’s care, but now, for whatever reason, seem to lack the care giving passion for it they used to have. One of the best ways to gauge their level of current passion is through an ole fashion in person meeting.  Get the caregiver to talk about their most recent dementia/Alzheimer’s care giving and discuss with him/her your personal situation of care, needs and responsibilities.  If the care giver’s responses are high lighted with a big smile on their face and other signs of excitement and they ask a lot of questions that express interest, then the passion is likely still there.  Look for questions during your meeting that express interest in ideas to keep the person with dementia/Alzheimer’s disease engaged. The interest and ability for a care giver to keep a person with dementia/Alzheimer’s engaged is directly correlated with his/her level of passion for this type of care as well as the patient’s continued level of well-being.

No matter how experienced and passionate a prospective care giver is, they will not be an equally good fit for success with all clients.  This is where a care givers personality really comes into play, but not in the way you may first think.  Sure, you will want the prospective caregiver meet the person they will be caring for to ensure they seem to “hit it off”, but equally important is how well their personality and interpersonal skill set matches up with the responsible party or significant other they will be reporting to with respect to their care giving responsibilities. Dementia/Alzheimer’s care is the the area of care giving that tends have the most impact on a responsible party/significant other.  So much so, that often times it seems the person that called us (i.e.; spouse) needs more support/care than the person they called us for.  For this reason, it is very important that the care giver also “hit it off” with the responsible party/significant other.  One common personality characteristic we have seen among all good dementia/Alzheimer’s caregivers is their ability bring a calm, relaxed mood into almost any room they walk into.  High strung caregivers need not apply here!  A calm and relaxed environment helps address the ever increasing importance of a sense of safety and security a person with dementia/Alzheimer’s seeks.



How To Choose The Best Dallas, TX Area Caregiver To Provide In Home Care For Someone With Dementia/Alzheimer’s

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Are Particular About Who Comes Into Their Home- In addition to a high quality, experienced caregiver with a professional appearance and NO criminal record, we know you have many more expectations of the caregiver you desire for your Loved One. We excel at meeting your expectations.

Requires an Established, High Quality Home Health Care Agency with an Impeccable Client Safety Record - With a ZERO state complaint history, we are one of the best senior care providers in your area. This means we have not materially compromised the safety of any client. Very few DFW home care agencies with 13+ years in business can make this claim. Our caregivers received The Outstanding Caregiver Of The Year Award in multiple recent years, which is a high quality, coveted achievement award from the Alzheimer’s Association.

Wants To Remain as Independent & Safe as Possible -We have 31+ years of experience helping elderly loved one's to safely help themselves as much as they choose. This requires staff that excels at great care planing and case management. Over the years, we have also saved families money by eliminating and avoiding unneeded services.

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